About Me


I’m Panji Gautama, Software Engineer from Indonesia, currently working as CTO @ TipTip, previously working as SVP Engg @ Mekari, Head of Engineering @ Grab, VP Engineering @ OVO, former CTO of Kudo rebranded as GrabKios.

Proponent of ACG culture, play bunch of games in various game consoles & occasional PC-gamer. Mechanical keyboard enthusiast, from topre-HHKB to a bit luxury gasket mount.

I’d love to extend my network, throughout coffee time and perhaps helping others on the engineering topics đŸ™‚



Aside from my day to day job, I occasionally do:

  • Start-up Mentoring on Technical Aspect.
    Pro-bono if your startup vision is on empowering low-class citizen in Indonesia or related to religious movement đŸ™‚
  • Engineering Management Mentoring
    Helping people to the next step of their engineering management career, or their soft-skill aspect on their journey to be a specialist.
  • Technical Advisor to your Software Project
    Ideation to vendor management, technical advisor to ensure your idea comes true without being under-engineering and over-cost.

Reach me out :