Redis use-cases aside from Cache

Redis can be more impactful aside from caching. Here are a few other use cases :
1️⃣ As a persistent storage for use cases like shopping carts, user profiles, and social-media-related posts/newsfeeds. Easily sorted set simply by ZRANGE
2️⃣ Tracking state with Bitmaps, easily track and get states with boolean logic with SETBIT and GETBIT
3️⃣ Location Based with Redis geospatial, easily search and add geospatial data with GEOADD & GEOSEARCH. AFAIK it’s quite tricky to do this with Postgre
4️⃣ Distributed Lock, i.e., updating inventory stock to handle flash sale traffic
5️⃣ Analytics Funnel with Probabilistic easily store event and or merge with the HyperLogLog
6️⃣ Simple event-driven architecture with Redis Stream or as a Pub/Sub with SUBSCRIBE/PUBLISH commands, which can be seen as a message queue even with LIST


API Key Best Practices

API keys are required for apps and projects that being used across Mekari platforms, either GCP/AWS/Logging Tools or other third-party services. This document identifies the intended use of API keys, how to protect them as you would other credentials, and which restrictions are appropriate for your projects.

Always try to adhere Principle of least privilege*.

*The principle of least privilege states that only the minimum access necessary to perform an operation should be granted, and that access should be granted only for the minimum amount of time necessary.

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