On Establishing Technical Documentation at Mekari

We all hate time wasters. Documentation often is seen as one of these time wasters, mostly because it is boring to do. Planning is often seen as kind documentation, so there is a natural tendency to just skip this step for efficiency. However, people forget the hidden cost of skipping this documentation step: no agreement on shared understanding may cause the project will take a lot longer than people think, and this is only the beginning of other disadvantages of not having proper documentation.

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Engineering North Star Metrics

In the world where all of the metrics are available to be fetch and tracked, we end up on too many things being measured or worst, too little things that are being measured. It is impractical to make smart decisions based upon all available data and impossible to make any decision without data, and virtually impossible to make every metric as a priority worthy of improvement. The first challenge is deciding on what to measure, this article is intended to propose following metrics as the de jure metrics that being tracked and constantly improved going forward within tech team that I led so far.

The 4 Layers of A Team
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On forming Technical Program Manager team at Mekari

As the company growing and more product verticals are coming in, and more competitors coming in not only from Indonesia but also big players from outside the country, there are needs from stakeholders and management (C/VP levels) to ensure we are delivering our initiatives more than ever. Hence, ensuring a team to be self-organized, transparent, and great visibility of ongoing and upcoming project progress are very critical. Spotting potential delays early and doing continuous improvement on how we structure the team and do communication within the team is also essential for us to achieve effective & efficient productivity.

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On being a great meeting attendee

Staying engaged during meetings 

Attendees, please follow these instructions:

  • Bring your own notebook for the pre-reads
  • Turn on your webcam, even if you’re in a room with other people. It helps other participants better understand what you’re saying AND keeps you focused.
  • Participate during meetings by 1) reading the pre-reads, 2) leaving feedback, and 3) participating during discussions. We have found many things need to be repeated due to unfocused meeting participants. 
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Silent Meeting

Feels that your meeting is somehow ineffective? try silent meetings.

This isn’t really a new type of meeting, but since the dotcom and the rise of the startups, this kind of meeting helps people especially leaders to avoid joining busy-bandwagon and meeting hell. It’s scientifically proven effective in various scenarios, but we need to be well prepared.

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