Tech Resume

Tech Resume is an internal personal profile managed and updated by us as an employee with information including current and past projects, accomplishments in our current company, expertise, impact, motivation, career aspirations.

The idea itself comes from, since ourselves don’t remember everything we did in the last 6 months, higher chance that doesn’t remember everything we did. it’s important for our works to be recognized and it also useful for us to see our progression so far as part of our retrospective.

Why is important for you to have your Tech Resume: 

  • It is an important indicator of your abilities and competencies
  • It is a key platform to showcase your accomplishments and impact in the company
  • It is a forum where confidential results can be shared and internal language/acronyms can be used in a way that is not allowed on external sites like Linkedin or even professional resumes
  • It is an internal career networking profile which can increase your visibility and help you connect and get connected through knowing who is working on what
  • It will provide great help for you to write your self-achievement and impact in Performance Appraisal
  • It is a supporting document to help your manager build your promotion case 
  • It serves the purpose to help you seek your career development opportunity within company by showing your experience and career aspirations.

Following are some inspirations to help you write your Tech Resume:

  • Succinct and easy to understand (it is not a thesis) 
  • Generally chronological with most recent items at the top
  • Updated at least before each performance appraisal cycle, but possibly more frequently or whenever you feel necessary
  • As factual as possible – and you can include “links and numbers”
  • would be great if you grouped same initiatives together under one theme or topic just like brag document template on the Julia Evans blog post
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