On Growing in Software Industry: Domain Knowledge

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Shipping a working product is one thing, but do things really stop at production? Absolutely not, and I’m not talking about maintenance, but when we talk about “working,” it’s stretched beyond the definition of meeting acceptance criteria. It’s about whether the product has an impact on the customer and achieves the business outcome. Hence, think beyond the code, extend the knowledge of the domain, and understand the business.

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On Growing in Software Industry: System Design

We agree that the tech industry is getting more and more competitive (especially with layoffs everywhere; the tech bubble is bursting already), and software development has always been evolving at a rapid pace.

However, I believe the key to staying relevant and competitive in this market always goes back to problem-solving. How exactly do you solve problems in tech? IMO, it is by providing the appropriate system design for the given problem.

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On Knowledge Management Method: BASB a.k.a. Building a Second Brain

I shared briefly about BASB in the last post. I started my note-taking with the straightforward method, Zettelkasten, and used a simple note-taking, Obsidian. As my life went on, my job role expanded, various sources of information were unlocked, the long-term effect was real, I got information-overloaded, and I had difficulties managing my notes with a bunch of links and tags. I stumbled upon this book on Amazon and tried the PARA method, and it has been life-changing.

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On Capturing Notes

Unlike the other typical managers who are very tidy and organized on their stuff, I tend to be chaotic. However, COVID has changed me quite a lot, especially after one month in an isolated room with dyspnea + silent hypoxia. I read a bunch of books and newsletters and went through many YouTube & Facebook videos (yes, the Indian street food videos. 🇮🇳) and I found a perfect formula for me to capture knowledge .. in notes. I stumbled upon this article https://fortelabs.com/blog/basboverview/ and decided to put my nuance into the takeaway.

First Principle on Capturing Notes: Make it easy with less to no friction *inspired by the atomic habit

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So lately I’ve been thinking about what should I do better this year and trying to learn from other experienced leaders on how they run their high-performance team. They definitely have some sort of framework/structure on whatever they do, and it’s becoming a routine, they do it every day and improve it at the same time – over and over again.

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