On being a great meeting attendee

Staying engaged during meetings 

Attendees, please follow these instructions:

  • Bring your own notebook for the pre-reads
  • Turn on your webcam, even if you’re in a room with other people. It helps other participants better understand what you’re saying AND keeps you focused.
  • Participate during meetings by 1) reading the pre-reads, 2) leaving feedback, and 3) participating during discussions. We have found many things need to be repeated due to unfocused meeting participants. 
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Silent Meeting

Feels that your meeting is somehow ineffective? try silent meetings.

This isn’t really a new type of meeting, but since the dotcom and the rise of the startups, this kind of meeting helps people especially leaders to avoid joining busy-bandwagon and meeting hell. It’s scientifically proven effective in various scenarios, but we need to be well prepared.

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Facilitating a Great Meeting

As a lot of companies switched their mode into WFH and try to move toward remote-first, we need to know how to best interact prior to, during, and after meetings. For meetings to be effective, it is imperative to have a clear agenda, well thought through pre-reads, proper meeting setup, and a fully engaged audience. We will spend less time in meetings if we are more disciplined at meetings.  

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So lately I’ve been thinking about what should I do better this year and trying to learn from other experienced leaders on how they run their high-performance team. They definitely have some sort of framework/structure on whatever they do, and it’s becoming a routine, they do it every day and improve it at the same time – over and over again.

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