Different types of 1:1 conversations visualised

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#1. Ping Pong

Both parties are equally engaged and curious about the other. Answers are thoughtful, and each participant always turns their answer back into a question for the other.

#2. Interview

One person takes the role of questioner, the other person takes the role of answerer. Conversations like these can have two implications:
i) imbalance in interest in the other
ii) perceived hierarchy or power dynamics

#3. Flow

These conversations are the most fun and interesting. Every word that you say is a potential node of inspiration for the other person to explore. The more you give of yourself, the more pathways there are to explore.

#4. Imbalance

Similar to interview, but when one participant breaks the role of ‘questioner’ and gives more of themselves, there’s no reciprocation.

Sometimes this can just happen in the awkwardness of talking with a stranger.

#5. No Flow

Staccato conversations.

Pauses aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but the interruptions to the silence are short, and don’t lead to new conversational paths.

A lot of verbal fumbling for common-ground, but no luck.

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