New Chapter of Kudo

Three years ago, I was working in my room to develop a prototype apps for these Indonesian guys who studied at Business School in US. It was a very fun project and I enjoyed the moment I spent to discuss the features with them.

When they came back to Indonesia, they built this company called ‘KUDO’ and asked me to join them. Back then, I was worried that this company is just ‘another startup company’, but i decided to take a leap of faith and chose to believe that ‘KUDO’ is working to help underserved people in Indonesia through technology, which is pretty much my mission too coming from my computer science background.

Today, i feel so blissful that i chose to believe with the Founders, Company, and all of the teammates. I am really thankful to have my great wife who really support me through all the hard times.

Together with Grab, which shared the same vision, we will move even faster & stronger in this new chapter of Kudo.

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