On being a great meeting attendee

Staying engaged during meetings 

Attendees, please follow these instructions:

  • Bring your own notebook for the pre-reads
  • Turn on your webcam, even if you’re in a room with other people. It helps other participants better understand what you’re saying AND keeps you focused.
  • Participate during meetings by 1) reading the pre-reads, 2) leaving feedback, and 3) participating during discussions. We have found many things need to be repeated due to unfocused meeting participants. 

DO’s and DON’Ts joining from Computers or Mobile Devices

Do’s⛔️ Don’ts
– IF you are not in a meeting room, DO use headsets or earphones to avoid echo.
– DO mute yourself when not speaking. Coughs and keyboard clicks are louder than you think.
– DON’T use the speakerphone on mobile devices. Not all devices have a built-in echo cancellation. It will be a poor audio experience.
– DON’T introduce multiple audio sources into your call. Don’t dial in by phone too, if you have a mic and speaker on your computer
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