On maintaining a reading pace

never tried a proper test but I believe I’m able to read around 200 WPM for 70-80% comprehension, not a great number, and it slowly decreases over time. I believe it does have something to do with a combination of WFH, poor diet, lack of exercise, and MULTITASKING which leads to a short attention span.

the obvious answer would be to fix the diet & exercise regularly, however, maintaining the reading speed to good numbers isn’t that straightforward.

here is what I’ve tried and learned so far:
– using the pencil as a tracker and pacer, underline words/phrases that are challenging to comprehend
– train peripheral vision, the most challenging one since I have astigmatism somehow in my right eye only 😵
– subvocalization is a big no, skim/scan with a finger pointer or pencil helps
– juggling between fiction (notice Dune novel there 🥹)and non-fiction books helps to train flexibility to skim text with low information density vs key sentences.

any other tips?

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